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Meet The Wolf

Claywolf is a veteran owned company that specializes in producing high quality Cannabis extracts.
We focus on sourcing the highest quality Cannabis to provide our consumers with consistently superior product.

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We have focused on developing our Flavor Wheel so that our customers can properly identify the terpene profiles that are most beneficial to them. Claywolf is setting new standards for the optimal cannabis experience through innovative extraction methods, terpene management, and attractive packaging. Our methods of extraction allow everyone, even someone who is new to cannabis, the ability to taste the full flavor of each strain, letting them fully appreciate all of the magic this beautiful plant has to offer.

Product innovation is one of our most enjoyable parts of being in the weed business, and we are proud to offer our newest product,
The Terpene Oil Pen

We currently serve only Recreational Retail Outlets Authorized under OLCC rules.

Please call Jim  (360) 852-5007 to order our products for your store.

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